Monday, February 16, 2009


This Is My Main Man TazMan
I call him Taz, Allen call's him Big Fat which he does reply!? David Call's him what ever comes to mind. HAH.
He is about 9 years old and is about 23lbs. he lost some so that is GREAT!
He is also Blind, when it happened we are not sure, he was always a bit clumsy and so we thought he was a bit ditsy, until we noticed he was walking along side walls and rugs and furniture, and would run into a occasional wall or two , and he was SO cautious when walking like he was watching every step he was taking. then it dawned on us. IS HE BLIND ? or hard of seeing? just about maybe several months ago I noticed well hmm he don't try to jump on the counter anymore? he misses the couch by a foot sometime. and walks right into someone else path. and he follows by sound and he is very verbal now, and when he is looking at me he is looking everywhere but my face.
So last time he had a emergency visit with the vet which was Nov 2008 for being blocked again.
(FLUTD) Feline lower urinary tract disease..... he has had bouts with this ever since he was about 2 years old, I asked the vet about his site.. so they tested, and yes he is blind, when and how ? no clue, I have been doing all sorts of research on the matter and it could happen with hypertension? and also this genetic disease called PRA Progressive Retinal Atrophy,PRA is an untreatable condition that is most likely inherited. It is slow-acting, but eventually results in total blindness. and also can start from the ages 2 and will be blind by 5 or so .. SO I do believe thats what has happened , But Im still doing research and trying to get answer's SO you see he is my Problem child FROM THE START. Found him at the shelter when he was about 5 months old. so yes he is special.He is A indoor cat

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