Monday, February 16, 2009


Meet Rodney,, oh Rodney Rodney Rodney where can I start with Rodney?
well IN the beginning for a couple years I have seen this black panther kind of cat run across the deck from time to time and a fight or 2 with bruti, didn't see him alot, then he is here and there, so I start feeding him. he is VERY feral, scared and strange. so I feed him and he comes to eat all the time but waits till Im back in the house. before he comes to eat . I thought OH joy how am I going to get him,,, He is not going to let me get near him so though well guess im going to have to trap him to...well one day he shows up with a HUGE absess on the side of his face . looks like he got in a bad fight and got infected.well days went by, he came, and left for several days.. he comes and gets on one of the chairs to lay where the other cats do and he is so sick he allowed me to pick him up<<<< growling all the way as Im picking himup away from my body.. was holding him the way he was laying,, thats how sick he was. but he let me so I put him inthe carrier and off we went.. while he was being treated for the injury he also got neutered...well got him home. got him set up inthe sunroom where I can shut the door and keep him away fromthe others. cause I didnt know what he will do,, wwant to fight or freak out or what.. I was th eonly one he was used to. I would change his water get his food clean the litter check his stitches in his face so at this time he rubs up against my legs and puurs.
well one night I come home from work it was about past midnight. I come in get him more food. clean his litter. he rubs up against me and so on.. I bring in fresh water. I bebd over to put it down. as I raised up... It happed so fast it was like in slow motion also? he geabbed my hand and wrist and tryed to amputait my hand As I see it.. at first I dint realize WHAT THE..... till there was bone and blood Ihad to beat himoff me then he finally let go like nothing happened, was like a pitbull!. so in shock. I ran out of the sunroom shutting the door behind me. thinking OMG RABIES.... I emediatly put my arm and hand under the running faucet... and had a bottle of poroxide there,, pourd it on the wounds that were CLEARLY the bonenot scratches,, they cut his nails back for me. butr all teeth wounds several of them. well took me forever to stop the bleeding putting pressure on all of them wrapped my self up good took several tylonol for pain, and the next morning which I did not sleep . I called the dr he said come on in now.. at that time I wasant able to move it, the nerves were so damages the one tendant was nearly damaged and a part of his tooth was lodged in my wrist. so we are litterally connected HAHA
anyway. I was disabled for a few months of recovery and it took for ever to heal the nerves and to this day my palm of my hand has no feeling. and this all took place about ... ACTUALLY this time last 2 year. Feb 2007...He is a in and out cat but stays in more... and the ironic thing about this is HE is MY shadow,, he follows me everywhere I go he stops when I stop, he has actions of a fox terrior? he is a dog in cats clothing... he has robotic movments,,so strange,, but he is so attatched to me only. took me awhile for me to trust him and get over the fear I had, AND I never had fear of any animal before... but that was worse that childbirth ...REALLY.. BUT I love him and Im actially attatched to him, and I can not go to sleep not knowing he is inside. he and sadie are the only ones that are allowed to sleep with us...on myside of course... but he is a special cat , HAVE no idea how old he is ,he has little sparks of gray all threw his fur...he is husky and give sadie a run for her money. and from what I though all along the vet says the same thing that he must have had a sharp pain in his face about the same time I put down the water bowl beside him and took it out on my arm.... I never was mad at him I knew it was a accedent... I still love him....always
he will always be my Mr, Rodney's

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