Monday, February 16, 2009


This is Miss Queen Sadie, As she may think. David calls her Pookie, yes I said Pookie that's his pet name for her so that means he must like her.
I call her Shady Lady to malady Sadie to what ever comes to mind when Im mad. Allen calls her.... well never mind you don't need to know. I got her the same time I got Taz at the shelter, went to the shelter to look for another maincoon . well I seen this odd looking kitten that was sitting in the middle of her cage, very depressed looking and did not want anything to do with anybody... till I picked her up... then she SPOKE... well made up my mind and was on my way to get someone to get her ready I wanted her.. well then I passed a cage witha fuzzy orange arm out at me. so I stopped and took this orange fuzz ball out that was a ball of fire <<
Well I could not make up my mind which one.SO told them I will be back tomorrow I need to think this over between the 2. so went home all day all night I was SO sick to my stomach and undesided that I just was not able to make up my mine, The next day I was on my way back to bring home our new addition to the family NOT knowing who yet,,, I pulled up, got out of my car, was walking up to the door,,, the person from the day before met me half way and asked . well have you made up your mind which one?...WELL with out hesitation the words just Spilled out....I'll take both!!!.. HE WAS SO surprised as I WAS TO.. he said well we need more peaple like your self to come in..I was thinking to myself,,yes you do giggleing all the way in. well as I was still in shock BUT re leaved at the same time. getting my 2 new babies ready and bring them home. Get them home let them out to venture. and as the other adults looked on as they rolled around wrestling with each other .. I'm thinking...Let the fun begin...SO thats Sadie's story her and taz came together.. all though my plan was sorta to breed them to and see what they come out to look like! BUT good thing I didnt cause we would probly have a lot of blind kitkats.
She is a Indoor Cat

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