Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Meet Sammy,
Although he has a home,,,next door he decides ti reside here? But he does visit home once in a while . he is a older cat ,, AT least 12 years as long as I have been here... But several years ago we connected in a almost tragic way , One morning I was on my way t a appointment, I drove by where Sam lives. I was not gone no more than a hour, I turned into our road and there was this white object on the side of the road in front of their mailbox, I it was Sammy I went slowly no movement and no trauma as I could see. I pulled into our drive way. as I was or the porch I kept looking to see if he was moving, I was really afraid to what I may discover.. got a towel just in case . I would get him away from the road and put him on his owners porch, well As I was walking I swear I seen a little movement. AND I was right and so glad I went out to see, he was half and half knocked out he was trying to pull him self across the road, if I did not get him he would for sure get ran over by one of the big oil trucks . well not sure if he will tear me up or be nice I was cautious for once, as I scooped him up in the towel and wrapped him up I had seen his whole side of his face his chin rather was torn almost all the way to the neck, he needed stitches and the owners wasn't home. so I took him home . put him in a comfy bed and all the other cats had to come see,, and they were all so nice??? strange they just looked on like they knew he was hurt bad and could probably feel his pain.. so I called my vet told him the story, and I did what he told me.
I dissolved one aspirin and since I have lots of syringes I was in luck. I would give him a 1/2 cc every hour or as I can tell he was in pain again... cleaned him up best I could and let him sleep, then I wrote a note and put it on his owners door,about 11 pm that night she called and came over to get him and was very thankful for rescuing him ..SO after many years after that I would see him at his house I would call for him and he would just SNUB ME!!! and after ALL THIS TIME this past winter he decide to be my best bud and shadow and BOY IS HE A LAP CAT. Ha-HA
Although it took him awhile to get used to everyone else here he was his grumpy old man self swatting at anyone that was in his way HA-HA now he just ignores them and walks on by, so I guess he has two homes to go to. he is a wonderful companion so if he wants to continue to visit or stay overnight as he always does now?! he's welcome. I would guess he maybe 15 or more years old,,,, just can tell by the feel of his body and his posture and of course he has a bad hip, probably from the hit, but all in all he is a sweaty.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Additions

They Seem So Thrilled?

We Have a few new additions to our family I will get some pictures up along with there story soon.
Been a Hectic 2009, and just getting caught up so bare with me

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Tribute To Max

Died Feb 2009

He was 11 years old a very sociable feline and very Vocal , You could carry on a conversation with him .As far as we have determine He developed this ,

Saddle Thrombus (or Saddle Thrombosis) is a blood clot that started off in the left atrium of the heart and then moved out into the aorta (hence the term aortic thromboembolism). Once there, the clot travels to the junction of the aorta and into the iliac arteries where it gets stuck. Since the iliac arteries feed into the femoral arteries, which serve the back legs, the clot prevents blood flow to the back legs and is an extremely serious condition.

90% of the time, saddle thrombus is related to an underlying heart condition such as dilated or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (types of congestive heart failure). We have never heard of this and very devastating, we will miss him a great deal, a great companion he was

Monday, February 16, 2009


This Is My Main Man TazMan
I call him Taz, Allen call's him Big Fat which he does reply!? David Call's him what ever comes to mind. HAH.
He is about 9 years old and is about 23lbs. he lost some so that is GREAT!
He is also Blind, when it happened we are not sure, he was always a bit clumsy and so we thought he was a bit ditsy, until we noticed he was walking along side walls and rugs and furniture, and would run into a occasional wall or two , and he was SO cautious when walking like he was watching every step he was taking. then it dawned on us. IS HE BLIND ? or hard of seeing? just about maybe several months ago I noticed well hmm he don't try to jump on the counter anymore? he misses the couch by a foot sometime. and walks right into someone else path. and he follows by sound and he is very verbal now, and when he is looking at me he is looking everywhere but my face.
So last time he had a emergency visit with the vet which was Nov 2008 for being blocked again.
(FLUTD) Feline lower urinary tract disease..... he has had bouts with this ever since he was about 2 years old, I asked the vet about his site.. so they tested, and yes he is blind, when and how ? no clue, I have been doing all sorts of research on the matter and it could happen with hypertension? and also this genetic disease called PRA Progressive Retinal Atrophy,PRA is an untreatable condition that is most likely inherited. It is slow-acting, but eventually results in total blindness. and also can start from the ages 2 and will be blind by 5 or so .. SO I do believe thats what has happened , But Im still doing research and trying to get answer's SO you see he is my Problem child FROM THE START. Found him at the shelter when he was about 5 months old. so yes he is special.He is A indoor cat


This is Miss Queen Sadie, As she may think. David calls her Pookie, yes I said Pookie that's his pet name for her so that means he must like her.
I call her Shady Lady to malady Sadie to what ever comes to mind when Im mad. Allen calls her.... well never mind you don't need to know. I got her the same time I got Taz at the shelter, went to the shelter to look for another maincoon . well I seen this odd looking kitten that was sitting in the middle of her cage, very depressed looking and did not want anything to do with anybody... till I picked her up... then she SPOKE... well made up my mind and was on my way to get someone to get her ready I wanted her.. well then I passed a cage witha fuzzy orange arm out at me. so I stopped and took this orange fuzz ball out that was a ball of fire <<
Well I could not make up my mind which one.SO told them I will be back tomorrow I need to think this over between the 2. so went home all day all night I was SO sick to my stomach and undesided that I just was not able to make up my mine, The next day I was on my way back to bring home our new addition to the family NOT knowing who yet,,, I pulled up, got out of my car, was walking up to the door,,, the person from the day before met me half way and asked . well have you made up your mind which one?...WELL with out hesitation the words just Spilled out....I'll take both!!!.. HE WAS SO surprised as I WAS TO.. he said well we need more peaple like your self to come in..I was thinking to myself,,yes you do giggleing all the way in. well as I was still in shock BUT re leaved at the same time. getting my 2 new babies ready and bring them home. Get them home let them out to venture. and as the other adults looked on as they rolled around wrestling with each other .. I'm thinking...Let the fun begin...SO thats Sadie's story her and taz came together.. all though my plan was sorta to breed them to and see what they come out to look like! BUT good thing I didnt cause we would probly have a lot of blind kitkats.
She is a Indoor Cat


Meet little Zoey. she is a sweaty.she has such a little faint whispery meow if you can call it that. she looks like a American short haired.
she also is a child of Cameo's. she is a indoor cat


Meet Savannah another child of cameo's she is like a water colored tortoiseshell something or another HA.
she is sweet likes to talk to you and lovable when she wants to be she is indoor cat.


Meet Rosco, another child of Cameo's. and the largest one?? which makes no since. he was the odd ball of the second litter that she brought to me in the snow, they must have only been a few weeks and here she brought them to the door, and I think she stopped somewhere on here way here and picked up???? but guess he got his bigness from his dad.He is a indoor cat


Meet Constance, She constantly Meows so that's how she got her name, She is also a child of Cameo's. she is a little kitty.she also refuses to come in.


Meet Chadder, he is sweet and lovable but also refuses to come in.
He is also a child of Cameo's


Meet hemi. he is one of the children of Cameo's I have finally trapped him and took him off to get fixed AFTER 2 years,, thats why his name is Hemi..very fast...he is the wildest but coming along and is happy he joined the family after all that time fighting with everyone due to him not being neutered so he is a happy camper now. he is one of the outdoor cats. They all stay Very close to the house but refuse to come in, I offer but they are a bit more wilder.


Meet Harvick, he got named after the race car driver, Allen Named him. he was a stray.. took me a few days and nights on my hands and knees. to get him to trust me and off to the vet we went.He is a strange one I just dont even know how to describe his personality. just strange.. Allens Favorite out of them all and Harvick Hates Allen?? go Figure, he is a indoor cat


Meet Rodney,, oh Rodney Rodney Rodney where can I start with Rodney?
well IN the beginning for a couple years I have seen this black panther kind of cat run across the deck from time to time and a fight or 2 with bruti, didn't see him alot, then he is here and there, so I start feeding him. he is VERY feral, scared and strange. so I feed him and he comes to eat all the time but waits till Im back in the house. before he comes to eat . I thought OH joy how am I going to get him,,, He is not going to let me get near him so though well guess im going to have to trap him to...well one day he shows up with a HUGE absess on the side of his face . looks like he got in a bad fight and got infected.well days went by, he came, and left for several days.. he comes and gets on one of the chairs to lay where the other cats do and he is so sick he allowed me to pick him up<<<< growling all the way as Im picking himup away from my body.. was holding him the way he was laying,, thats how sick he was. but he let me so I put him inthe carrier and off we went.. while he was being treated for the injury he also got neutered...well got him home. got him set up inthe sunroom where I can shut the door and keep him away fromthe others. cause I didnt know what he will do,, wwant to fight or freak out or what.. I was th eonly one he was used to. I would change his water get his food clean the litter check his stitches in his face so at this time he rubs up against my legs and puurs.
well one night I come home from work it was about past midnight. I come in get him more food. clean his litter. he rubs up against me and so on.. I bring in fresh water. I bebd over to put it down. as I raised up... It happed so fast it was like in slow motion also? he geabbed my hand and wrist and tryed to amputait my hand As I see it.. at first I dint realize WHAT THE..... till there was bone and blood Ihad to beat himoff me then he finally let go like nothing happened, was like a pitbull!. so in shock. I ran out of the sunroom shutting the door behind me. thinking OMG RABIES.... I emediatly put my arm and hand under the running faucet... and had a bottle of poroxide there,, pourd it on the wounds that were CLEARLY deep...to the bonenot scratches,, they cut his nails back for me. butr all teeth wounds several of them. well took me forever to stop the bleeding putting pressure on all of them wrapped my self up good took several tylonol for pain, and the next morning which I did not sleep . I called the dr he said come on in now.. at that time I wasant able to move it, the nerves were so damages the one tendant was nearly damaged and a part of his tooth was lodged in my wrist. so we are litterally connected HAHA
anyway. I was disabled for a few months of recovery and it took for ever to heal the nerves and to this day my palm of my hand has no feeling. and this all took place about ... ACTUALLY this time last 2 year. Feb 2007...He is a in and out cat but stays in more... and the ironic thing about this is HE is MY shadow,, he follows me everywhere I go he stops when I stop, he has actions of a fox terrior? he is a dog in cats clothing... he has robotic movments,,so strange,, but he is so attatched to me only. took me awhile for me to trust him and get over the fear I had, AND I never had fear of any animal before... but that was worse that childbirth ...REALLY.. BUT I love him and Im actially attatched to him, and I can not go to sleep not knowing he is inside. he and sadie are the only ones that are allowed to sleep with us...on myside of course... but he is a special cat , HAVE no idea how old he is ,he has little sparks of gray all threw his fur...he is husky and give sadie a run for her money. and from what I though all along the vet says the same thing that he must have had a sharp pain in his face about the same time I put down the water bowl beside him and took it out on my arm.... I never was mad at him I knew it was a accedent... I still love him....always
he will always be my Mr, Rodney's


Meet Bruti I call him.. HE is the father of all the children of cameo's.
how can I tell? first of all he can not deny his girls.. looks just like him same eyes same face in a way, and yes even Rosco cause he does have his eyes. so YEP I have both parents , so the while family is here.
Brutis was a stray ? I think. he came around and wanted to fight the others . he was afraid of me at first till I called him and he came to me.. so he stuck around and never left, so if he was someone else .. obviously they did not take care of him and he was not happy with them and he stayed here.. so OFF TO THE vet we went and got fixed, he is SUCH a lovable cat he is in and out.mosty in when its bad weather.


Meet Cameo the mother of most here. she is the reason we ended up with so many, with her second litter, which I was not for sure she had , when she would come visit then leave. she acted like she had somewhere to go so she would visit then leave. and I would watch her walk as far as I can see her go into the woods.. well I told her if she had any babies out there to bring them here.....well a couple days later,,,she did...was a thanks giving present I guess. I really wasant for sure she was pregnant the second time cause she was so little then one day she was even smaller? so I was guessing.the first litter she had was already born and walking a little and she was nursing she herself looked like a kitten so thin so unsore of me due to her being feral. took me all summer on my hands and knees under treess talking to her and her kittens trying to get her to trust me.well her kittens were getting older and they all stayed very close to the house. one day I noticed she was getting all mean towards them, then she dissappears. and leaves them and THEY STAY and I took care of them. then thats when she showed up again and sticking around but stillmean to the others. and seemed to be getting a little bigger then she dissappears again. then when she came back she was already ltting me touch her and pet her and she was visiting with me now inside,, I picked her up and something wet and warm happened and I put her down and there was milkeverywhere!??!?! well I NEVER seen that happen before. so that was a tip off she had kittens.. happy but mad cause I could never get her to where I can get her fixed,,, then she brings them to the house SO I HAVE her and the kittens inthe house.. kittens hissing the whole time very feral and to this day still a bit skiddish. which I dont understand , cause they have been with us since they were tiny....so I thought she is NOT GOING back out till I get her fixed so she nursed and I called to see when I can get her fixed ,, the vet said wait till she is done nursing... and I called the shelter to see about bringing themin they said wait till she is done nursing... well I knew if I waited to long and get to know each and everyone of these little hissy fuzz balls I would get attatched.. well weeks went by.. I was doing well . and they started to play and all that,, then one day was sitting on the couch... they were goofing ogg and all stopped and just looked at me? and THEN THERE IT HAPPENED.. we had EYE contact!!!! I was avoiding that the whole time.. well then I got to know each one and there differant personalities and time went by..and went by....and weeeeeeeeeeeent by.. couple years later,,,its still going by. so there ya have it. YA GET ONE feral momma and ya get alot of feral kitkats, HAHA and Cameo is a indoor cat, and she got her name cause when I would go out looking for her.. she would be laying in front of me and I could not see her till she moved due to her blending in with the leaves in the woods she was camoplaged . so there ya have it... I also call her momma jamma. she is a tortishell and David thought she was so ugly but I thought she was beatutiful , but he said he has respect for her for what has done, she actually brought them to me, and it looked like it was a long nights journy for her at that time IN THE SNOW. so she is a special Momma Jamma and yes she is fixed

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Work In Progress

Living With A Family Of Felines
In The Making