Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Meet Sammy,
Although he has a home,,,next door he decides ti reside here? But he does visit home once in a while . he is a older cat ,, AT least 12 years as long as I have been here... But several years ago we connected in a almost tragic way , One morning I was on my way t a appointment, I drove by where Sam lives. I was not gone no more than a hour, I turned into our road and there was this white object on the side of the road in front of their mailbox, I it was Sammy I went slowly no movement and no trauma as I could see. I pulled into our drive way. as I was or the porch I kept looking to see if he was moving, I was really afraid to what I may discover.. got a towel just in case . I would get him away from the road and put him on his owners porch, well As I was walking I swear I seen a little movement. AND I was right and so glad I went out to see, he was half and half knocked out he was trying to pull him self across the road, if I did not get him he would for sure get ran over by one of the big oil trucks . well not sure if he will tear me up or be nice I was cautious for once, as I scooped him up in the towel and wrapped him up I had seen his whole side of his face his chin rather was torn almost all the way to the neck, he needed stitches and the owners wasn't home. so I took him home . put him in a comfy bed and all the other cats had to come see,, and they were all so nice??? strange they just looked on like they knew he was hurt bad and could probably feel his pain.. so I called my vet told him the story, and I did what he told me.
I dissolved one aspirin and since I have lots of syringes I was in luck. I would give him a 1/2 cc every hour or as I can tell he was in pain again... cleaned him up best I could and let him sleep, then I wrote a note and put it on his owners door,about 11 pm that night she called and came over to get him and was very thankful for rescuing him ..SO after many years after that I would see him at his house I would call for him and he would just SNUB ME!!! and after ALL THIS TIME this past winter he decide to be my best bud and shadow and BOY IS HE A LAP CAT. Ha-HA
Although it took him awhile to get used to everyone else here he was his grumpy old man self swatting at anyone that was in his way HA-HA now he just ignores them and walks on by, so I guess he has two homes to go to. he is a wonderful companion so if he wants to continue to visit or stay overnight as he always does now?! he's welcome. I would guess he maybe 15 or more years old,,,, just can tell by the feel of his body and his posture and of course he has a bad hip, probably from the hit, but all in all he is a sweaty.

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